Packing Up?

Alright, from my personal timeline, I still have another year in Singapore, we have passed the first quarter and it's three to go. I'm sure as of this writing it's going to be really quick, time flies. Some of my to-do list will include:

  1. Getting Rid of my DSLR - I'm out of digital photography. I have proven my point. The greatest chance you'll going to make it big is if you're The Queen's Royal Cousin. Anything lower than that, you're work will just be as doable as others. I'll be keeping my Olympus OM10 handy, it's humble but kick-ass.
  2. Getting a Refurbished Laptop - To install Slackware 10.x Linux, I miss it so much! I don't want to install Linux on a brand new laptop coz I don't want to complicate warranty matters.
  3. Getting a Toshiba Tecra M5 - I'll be handing down my current notebook to my wife, and this machine will be my primary dev rig.
  4. Build the DynamicBeans Custom Widgets - First requirement is no virtual machine, so wxWidgets is the choice for the base. Sorry, Java. Second requirement is performance so it's C/C++ on C/C++. Ruby, Python etc. will just be a consolation.
  5. Organize the First DynamicBeans Product Strategy Summit - We really, really need this :), Need to plan out the Agenda too.
  6. Throw away some "bad luck" clothes.
  7. Build projection of costs for DynamicBeans self-funded operations.
  8. Get the site on full-content.
  9. Build the team which is more focus-driven. If necessary, build another team for another endeavor(I'm smelling POS!) .
  10. Identify "The DynamicBeans Way"
And that's about it. Enough with antiquated stuff and sissy ideas.


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