RCP + wxWidgets And All Things Nice

I'm doing a research on two things tonight, how to create a non-rectangular frame or a "skin". I just found out that SWT can do it and wxWidgets can do it very well. wxWidgets is more powerful because I only had to specify the image file of the "skin" I want to paint, without going through a lot of painful codes.

How will these developments affect the DynamicBeans Way? First the stategy can be fine-tuned again to be more specific when RCP is the choice and when wxWidgets is a necessity. For things that ends with "...management systems" RCP is the outright choice. For novelty apps that requires the software to really look totally different and radical, wxWidgets is the primary weapon of choice.

Prior to pushing through all this, I'll be completing the content of the DynamicBeans Website by end of this week.


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