SMS-TO-IM Messaging And Beyond

Finally, I have built the modules for our first SMS-TO-IM messaging. It's really simple, just a Jabber messaging server, Jabber Client API, Serial Communications API to be used for the GSM Modem. All loosely integrated. This is one of the motives for setting up our corporate instant messaging server.

SMS-TO-IM integration is a vital part of the corporate instant messaging. It get's you in touch with your clients, staff and partners in a casual and comfortable way. Casual relationship is equally important as the formal one. Having a more comfortable and easy-going communication (sometimes having "open" communication is not just enough) system in place can make interaction less hostile and less tense which is very common to any corporate environment especially those with highly-charged, politically motivated enviroments.

Demonstration for this module we'll be up on Labor Day. Next thing on the list is the IM client build with a corporate custom skin. Of course, you don't want to use your "Yahoo" ID talking to your boss, otherwise you'll be hiding the whole day from your friends.


arra said…
i am to planning to build something which could integrate chatting between im clients using gmail or yahoo and mobile users using sms...
pls acknowledge this

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