Trying-To-Stop-The-Weekend Syndrome

I hate it and it's becoming an illness. I just want to go home. Unless, there are other interesting stuff to do, not really the bleeding-edge things but something where we can have more control on things that we are building, where we are ACTUALLY BUILDING not taking care of someone's dirty codes. Where we can really collaborate with the customers, where we can say "Next" when the customer says "No" , believe me, it's not ideal. It's real. Back home we can do that, that's why customers can really collaborate and play nice, no surprises. That's fair customer service.

What I really don't like is that it seems we're really very afraid of upsetting our customers, we're a very afraid of losing business. In effect we're very afraid to make mistakes but we make them every single day. The more you fear something, the closer it gets. But our customers have no choice either, where will they go? Sigh, I still have around thirty-six Mondays more left to really call it quits, unless things will change. But I doubt it, I just won't let these changes rule my direction.


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