Educating developers in Eclipse RCP

Perhaps one of the challenges RCP vendors are facing today is the availability of talents when working with specific Java technology such as the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Since most of the Java developers are in the mainstream JEE (or in Singapore, it's still refer to J2EE) camp. It has been difficult to look for developers with a firm grasp of the RCP concept.

One way of tackling this issue is by providing an educational path or a courseware for would-be RCP developers in a manner on how a conscript is trained and sent to war. But this burden can be carried on by RCP vendors themselves or outsource to a competent training provider. But why would a developer spend time on something where opportunities are limited?


taonggubat said…
Hi Jared, Do you have enough experience on developing Rich Clients for JEE Applications? Can you share this to us? We are currently looking for options in our development platform. Do you think it is beneficial to shift from Web/JEE development to RCP/JEE development? Will this speed up our development process? What are the pros and cons?

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