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public class WelcomeBack {

public static void main (String[] args){


Almost three years ago, on my flight to the Lion City, I flashed my dirty finger saying good riddance to the f&$ktards I left behind. And on my way back, it still holds true and this time I flashed not one but two dirty fingers for the f&$ktards that followed us to the Lion City and their local act-alikes and look-alikes there.

Anyway, I resumed blogging because this is the unfolding of the Year of the Rat and this is my Year. Technically-wise, Product-wise and anything-wise that two and half years was perfectly nothing except for the moolah which doesn't really matter now. The "Learn Java, Go Places" sticker displayed in our server room wasn't really motivating. Soon I'll change that to "Learn Java, Drive a Mercedes" for a real cool morale boost. In fact, any seasoned and unfoolish Java developer can prove that easier than "...Go Places", believe me, I did. It's quite difficult to organize my thoughts on what to hit first for now as I want to put into better writing all the funny and stupid experiences I gone through over there (Well, stupidity pays well!). So I'll be breaking several topics along the way.

But what I can say for now is COME TO MANILA (not Mani-lah)! We're getting better now, we're better than our little arrogant neighbor, despite of whatever crap they're saying about us. Let's send all our f@$ktards there we don't need them here because we are a "Strong Republic" right? So until then. Gong Xi Fat Cai!


maks said…
welcome home bitch.
maks said…
Jared said…
oh, so you got my dirty-finger-flash hehehe...

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