Labor Day

Today is Labor Day. This is supposed to be a "Don't-Force-Yourself-To-Blog" Day but after spending several months spending in the workforce, I see a lot of tech people jump from one job to another in the never-ending quest for the greener pasteur(?) or pasture(?) but "greener" is subjective. PHP100k, PHP120k, PHP180K? Until when it's going to last? And some of these people who asks too much are not even the most deserving which puts me on my next rant. How come a lot of Java enterprise geeks today are Linux noobs? Several years back, the rule-of-thumb is if you know Java, you should know Linux. I don't really care much how much best practices you know, but hell yeah, you should know Linux.

Most Java developers today are more focused on getting a high paying coding job, complains a lot on vintage J2EE corporate frameworks in which they are put on until they got burned and decided to move on yet another vintage J2EE corporate framework! Java is more than ten years today and companies have learned the hard way the pains of doing it the Java Enterprise Way, so be prepared to see a lot of junk made by the past geniuses put on your shoulders and tasked to make it work. You'll gonna burn-baby-burn but that's greener pasture for you.


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