We're Still in the Service Industry

From my last post, here's what mostly took shape in the industry that I'm in; We're still a service industry, we build software based on other people's ideas, not ours. We're lying when we say we "invented" things here because we don't hold patents for such claims. One company that is supposed to be a good shining example has postponed its bourse-level exaltation (IPO if you didn't get it) for a number of times with different lame excuses printed in the business newspaper, hopefully it can be done right next time, because the rap is already damaging.

Over the past few months the number of so-called Tech Startups increased but mostly are freeloaders, not really serious enough (no dates, no timelines) in releasing any serious products at any time, just some prototype of what can be done with this new touchy gadget but these are mostly ideas, not much actions. It's all nothing but what's new and what's cool, what can be shared, blah, blah, blah. It's good to know that there are new startups in the technology sector, but what technology? A dating technology? A mix-and-mashup technology? Is it a technology that passed the ultimate "Mom Test", Is it a technology that triggers "Wow!" from the consumer or just from another geek?

There's nothing, because the sad fact is, we're only doing somebody's idea. Why? Because first we failed to set our timeline and with that, somebody has set it for us. And most of us are under that whim. It's hard to deny it, specially when one is not self-funded, there's no such thing as free ride otherwise there is no rest. Second we love agreeing verbally but not really moving forward to the next level. Just merely storytelling and that's it.

I just wish someday, that someone will prove me wrong.


Francis Simisim said…
Hi Jared, that's really so true. I write at TechFilipino and Philippines really need our own concepts and ideas to really get things going. Forget being Facebook part 2 or Youtube part 2, it's about making something unique and something we could call out own.
Jared said…
Hi Francis,

Yes, It's been a year since this post and no Filipino has proven me wrong yet.

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