Taking Back The Power To The Desktop (Revenge of the Fallen)

Alright, my day job is still with Java right now, but I had to admit lousy web development is really creeping up my neck already. It was never cool coding more for less, if you don't know what I mean, that's coding more lines of code for just rendering a simple web page regardless of what framework you're using, how many styles of configurations you have mastered and knows AJAX isn't for laundry anymore and no matter how hard you try you can't keep them all in your brains and reuse them on another project that is totally dependent on a different (but theoretically similar) framework. That's coding more for less.

The Power of the Desktop

In today's highly interactive apps, the Desktop has a broader role from just being a host to native applications serving unforgiving enterprise users. The Desktop can now provide stand-alone multimedia entertainment, entice users to play with its touchscreen, make marketing guys happy for doing more rather than take up user input all day. The Desktop is now portable and mobile, users can bring their favorite applications in a USB device and run it as if it was installed in a host PC. This is why web development always leave a bad taste in my tongue, because the power of The Desktop today is too hard to ignore.

Enter Qt

Why Qt? Why not Java Swing or Eclipse SWT? or even some other craps that M$ has to offer? Three words; Portable, Native and Fast. In all my research, only Qt provided answers to these three challenges. Besides, how hard it is to play a movie that even a label can render?

QLabel *label = new QLabel;
QMovie *movie = new QMovie("movies/transformers2.mov");


That is "less code, creat more". Yes it's C++ and can be compiled on your favorite OS whether it's Mac, Linux or Windows; no code change, no behavioral change. Single source for different platform, that is a real-deal cross-platform technology, no JVMs!



It's 2009, and I'm still dumbfounded why some companies can't offer their desktop products in multiple platforms which is very easy to do! In fact, all it needs is to re-align proper mindsets to get started. Qt allows developers to create a lot of things for less, invent a lot for less, productivity for less. It allows developers to realized their dream killer apps in no time, get into the market in no time, impress customers without so much f*cking on web wonders. And now, the power of the Desktop is back!


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