26 August 2011

Create More With Less

This week has been one of the most exciting week in the technology industry, the Russians just crashed their spaceship that will supply stuff to the international space station so the guys up there will have to endure for another seven months on their meager supplies unless another space canister can be hauled up to speed anytime soon. So what else is hot this week? The HP Touchpad on fire sale, if a company is no longer interested in the product, those Touchpads and other handheld devices should be dumped in a landfill off limits to public, selling that to as low as $99 means the company, Hewlett Packard, are very much in to it and will be shoving it to as many hands as they can and give a chance to play with it, since webOS is really cool from my personal opinion, they have to let the public realize that and then bomb the device with really compelling applications as they promised (focusing on "Software Development" remember?).

The long awaited coming-to-maturity of front-end tools such as HTML5+CSS3+JQuery has come and with that comes the power tools that enable developers to create more with less and for many. Developers can now create mobile applications that run both on Android, iPhone and the rest in the shortest possible time without having to deploy to iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace, no more of the 70/30 profit sharing. One of the example of this new wonder is the "Galaksyan" game from Kupster Interactive. This demo game was created in less than 2 hours, also using Microsoft Tag to scan the game's originating URL

There's a lot with what a software developer can do now that creating just a "Hello World" for a demo is really a shame.

No XCode, No Java, No Cables, No Software Engineers

This is also a great time for marketers to storm their brains on how best to utilize these technologies to their business' advantage. Doing these cool apps now is relatively cheaper than before.


If you want to try out the game use the Microsoft Tag Reader and scan the Tag below:

The game may not load properly at first shot, so you have it to shoot again(or refresh again). Don't worry that will be fixed, you won't even know it, we'll not hassle you with update notifications. You have been informed.

22 August 2011

Necessitas Qt Suite for Android

My time has been dramatically divided from writing code to managing the opportunities of the technologies that we choose to use. It's basically my left hand on the code and right hand on the spreadsheets. It should have been awesome, I observed the Android (Java) developer community, the iPhone developer community and each has its own crap to talk about, I stumbled upon Objective C after installing Slackware 6.0 hot-of-the-grill so I'm not really, pretty much a fan of that, and I found today's high-level application development amazingly boring be it mobile,web or desktop why would I get my hands dirty since coding these apps can be easily outsourced to places like India, China and Russia or even Ukraine at the same rate I can get a local but problematic talent. I'd rather spend my time developing and "spec'ing" out the idea and get the hardcore engineers to work on it while I fly out and showcase the good stuff.

"Create More With Less" is how I got sold to the idea of Qt C++ development. I'm an impatient coder, I hate the web application development process, I hate all the frameworks (most from the Java camp) that goes with it and some turned out to be author's scam who has no actual real-world development experience and tried to make money peddling his ideas and his books. I'm the write-run-debug-on-the-fly dev guy, because the more I wait the more I going to be distracted(just like anybody else). Trends after trends on software development and seeing some of those goes out of style, Qt C++ has remained stable and has been the "power tool" of choice for many applications including some of the apps at Intel AppUp Store. Now it has found its way to Android development through Necessitas. Watch the video.

Recent developments between Google and Motorola, HP webOS products has put the future of mobile development in to some level of uncertainty specially in the Android space, if things can go "wrong" there isn't much value in betting on Android venture but having Qt in a technology portfolio can compensate for the risk.

Necessitas Qt Suite for Android has come a long way from almost two years ago and its efforts has never(or secretly?) been supported by Nokia which I surmise is playing Two-Face in this mobile war. I've watched Necessitas up to this moment, though I have no real use for it right now, and if I have one I'll just delegate it somewhere and I can say Necessitas' time has come and it's up to the developers to stop eating rice and learn it. I'm just to busy on the spreadsheets right now.

Up Next...Qt for iPhone (hope I'm not too lazy to write)