From The Ashes

Delivering what matters. Funding the war chest for bigger stuff has started. This means I'm going to back to writing code, at least at the prototype stages or building proof-of-concept materials. It's like back from 15 years ago, this "war" with proprietary commercial software became a passion to learn new things, bleeding-edge stuff during those years now being applied in real-life in what the mainstream media called "cryptocurrency". We've all seen this before, played with it, made fun with; remote procedure calls, asynchronous messaging, peer-to-peer messaging, digital contracts, hashcodes you name it, we did it. We used these not for financial or economic reasons, we used these tools for fixing performance issues back then, performance and security issues. Cloud computing? Grid computing? We know that already! Ethereum as a computer on a blockchain started by a journalist named Buterin? Who the Fuck is Satoshi? That's nothing new.

If I can shout out "Hey I need Money over here" over my XMPP server called OpenFire using Asterisk client and someone acknowledged it it's already a digital contract once I received my money. It's nothing new, it's about changing perspective. I'm picking up where I left off.

Let's open fire, The Dark Star has returned.


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