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Codename: CatEye

Risk Minimizers: Identity Management etc.


Open source SS7 for Java Implementation


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Something that should be posted in most pinoy corporate developer's ass


Executing native system commands with Java Native Interface.

Visual Editors still sucks

The Devil's Dictionary

Move away "flat" Windows, Looking Glass is here...

So what's next for Anito?

I am an OGG

Software Developers, 16th Century Masons; Superior Skills, What's not to like?

Fleury's Monster called JBoss

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To GUI or not to GUI

Deploying SWT application with Java Web Start

JModem Security Solution

Precision Oil Boycott

Of MiliBlogs and lopsidedness.

Make more money, Stop using pirated software!!

Problem with Local Tech Recruiters


Switching Distro


Looking Back

SMS Message Monitor

Contextual Inventory

Patrick's Ill

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I knew it!!!

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Java Serial Comm API for GSM

My old blogs

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Postgresql Replication in PGSuite

Back to RXTX programming

Yipee!! I got 2 1GB mailboxes now

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> Linux is not User-Friendly...

The Business Value of PGSuite

The 2004 Mazda3


Test code

Java Rocks!