Codename: CatEye

One of the R & D projects that I am looking forward to get an investment from is codenamed CatEye. CatEye is envisioned to be a low-cost implementation similar to CCTV surveillance camera systems for close-in room observations. These system uses Wireless-B Internet Video Camera. It's uses is mainly for closed-in public places where crowds usually line up or wait such as bank's main reception to the teller's station, ticket booths, train turnstiles, public-receiving offices, small shops, fast-food counters, hotel concierge, hallways and other spots where to-be-offenders can be pictured vividly unnoticed in the closest possible distance without the aid of expensive zoom lens.

CatEye can be more cost-effective than posting a guard that tend to neglect its duties and has the lesser risk to endanger human life. However, CatEye is not suitable to be placed in a wide-angle area such as airport lounges, malls or parking lots due to hardware limitations. Basically, the hardware requirements for CatEye is already available in the market, It is the software that needs to be developed in order to make close-in surveillance possible. The system is intended to be written in pure Java language using the Java Media Framework as part of the core system.

See the initial drawing below:

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