I was unable to write a few days because I am back to my natural addiction, gaming. Well, I am reviewing this Squad-base thingy called Delta Force Black Hawk Down, being born from the land of natural warriors I could say the game is too easy. I could finish 5 to 7 missions without saving a segment. The game allows me to lead a few nervous, paranoid, shaky Delta Ops in the virtual urban battlefield of Mogadishu. In fairness, the weapons are awesome but killing the pixelized Somalis are just a walk in the park their AI is stupid and so is my squad that sometimes I need to shove or shoot them off the alley to avoid a Fatal Funnel that will wipe out my whole squad. These Delta Assholes won't recognize my TACOPS sign language and want me to always lead the way without covering my six, nasty freeloaders.


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