DynamicBeans has been patiently grinding for one year. Just enough capital and I'll give up my day job for good. But how much capital is enough? I think PHP1M will do or even PHP.5M is just enough to start the ball rolling by itself in 6 months, get me glued to my PC for 3 fucking months to get all my stuff off to market and 3 months of aggressive pitching and that's it. We're loose on the homestretch!

Screw the VCs

It has been learned that VCs(Venture Capital) are not the recommended source of initial funding especially for a high-tech startup. It's tedious, I am only good in explaining profitability in technical terms not in business terms because I am not a salesman, I can't sell refrigerators to eskimos. I don't care but I know what's going on in the competition, that's how competent this business is. I can give elevator pitch but I will need an expert on the formal business plan. I have repeatedly kicked the asses of the "Big Boys" in the bid for gigs though my services are not cheap as well, but that's not what I want to do on a regular basis. So I guess I have to dig up my own seed funding and let the VCs come in later.


A very important part of setting goals is clarity. Endurance and clarity goes side by side, because as we go along the way, the direction to our objective is not always straight. Therefore we have to endure the twists and turns in order to maintain clarity. What is clear today? Release *THAT*. Who is the enemy? Time is the enemy. The goal is clear but time is not on our side of the fence, so it's a sorry state to be in an ass-dragging situation. Endurance is the ally.


My exit strategy: bring DynamicBeans as far as being publicly held or traded I don't care where, I'll be happy to let the board kick me out so I can write code in a more poetic sense :) and spend Monday mornings playing guitar, biking or whatever I like. Spin off new gigs; game dev and computer graphics animation. Finally, I will stand back and watch them all in action.

Shit, I hope it rains money(in bundled P1000 bills) just for 10 seconds. :))


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