MMORPG the Open Source Way

Building MMORPGs, testing it and publishing it in the shortest possible time is always a game developer's path-to-bliss. Ever have that burned-out feeling after building a game or anything for years you even came short of player's or user's expectations? Absolutely frustrating.

In the Open Source development community at least there is NeL aka Nevrax Library. NeL is toolkit for building massively online universes both for client and server. Massively and Online, those are the keywords. I am proud that Philippines at least has published one RPG but it's really short of "Massively" and "Online" but as far as I can remember, this game was written for two years. Hopefully, in next few months there will be competition there will now be games written locally that is both "Massive" and "Online" role playing games. Some will use NeL and some will do better and wiser to use additional toolkits like Crazy Eddie's GUI. Some will stick to auld ways and die a natural "build-from-scratch-die-to-scratch" death.

With The NevRax Library and Crazy Eddie's GUI, local game development with will be more exciting and interesting, even cutting down development time dramatically which is the whole point. The faster you hit the market, the bigger the profits. Imagine developing more campaigns whether it's historical, fictional or "conspiracy-theoretical" or even almost anything.


Anonymous said…
In the Open Source development atleast there is Nel aka Nevrax Library.I recently read about the benefits.Anyway nice post,Thanks....

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