My Favorite Headache

I love that phrase ("My Favorite Headache"), it's akin to "It's a nice-to-have problem". These are the times when opportunities came and you only have two hands to catch them and that's "My Favorite Headache" or "It's a nice-to-have Problem". Those thing you've been wishing for and all of a sudden when it's about to come, you're not ready for it. :))

It was year 1975 when Rush's drummer Neil Peat introduced to the rocking world the double bass pedal technique and surprisingly the rockers' world was not ready for it and the new type rock music is about to unleash called Progressive Rock. Only around 18 years later did Neil's technique saw its appreciation and this time "The World" is ready. Listening to their music today by an uninitiated ear, one can think it's written just a few days ago and wondering why is it not on top of the hits. Rush's music with it's progressiveness is timeless. They might or might not know it. Try listening "Dreamline", that song is more that 10 years old and still sounds like it should be in the playlist of NU107 every week. And only one of the Pinoy Bands where I requested to play it actually DID play it and that is The Dawn with the late Teddy Diaz and no one else dared, though Jet Pangan's voice was not as high-pitched as Geddy Lee.

Rush, in many forms, has been my catalyst or inspiration in doing things. Has there been a Progressive Programming? Progressive Software Engineering? Progressive Software Development? Progressive Design Patterns? Where techniques are timeless or ahead of its time that almost creates an illusion of permanence or non-obsolescence? Truly there is none...yet.


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