Open source SS7 for Java Implementation

I have been sporadically receiving requests for observer status on the SS74J project. I am really, really sorry that I can't accept any requests right now due to some other priorities but the SS7 for Java will move to the development stage pretty soon. I know how important SS7 to some of you(that is money in the name of international roaming). Rest assured that I'll be taking care of this project once other more salient things has been accomplished. Thanks for the patronage. :)


rmz said…
Is this project dead?
Jared said… direct access to any testing environment, and beside I'll be focusing more on Qt C++, if you like, I can hand it over to you. :)
Ivelin said…
The Mobicents SS7 project is under active development. Its Java based and Open Source under LGPL license.

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