So what's next for Anito?

Congrats! After surviving a year after release! So what's the next plan for Anito?

Here's a few of my takes:

Title: "Anito: The Wrath of Senastille"
Genre: RTS-RPG ala Warcraft 3 with Land and Naval Battles.

Synopsis: It's simple, you're the commander of the Senastille forces whose mission is to extend Western culture and civilization for every parcel of land you conquer within Maroka by building towns, churches, farms, barracks etc. etc. in order to accomplish this you have to enslave local peasants to work for you which you will win the ire of the elite locals until a bloody conflict enrage.

New Creatures: The Manananggal, not old and grumpy but voluptous and sexy like Maya. The Tiyanaks that can viciously attack in groups but can easily be killed in singles.

New Characters: The Senastille Monk(Fraile) that has the power to perform miracles and magic. The Senastille Scout(Explorador) an used mainly for clearing the "fog-of-war". The Senastille Lance Infantry(Lancear; lance-ar) the cheapest military unit that can be mobilized to ravage a native village. The Senastille Cavalry(Cavallero) which is a heavily armored fierce mounted warrior. The Arqueros(Archers) essential for defending towns and covering the Lancears during assault. The Artillero(Gunners) mans the gun batteries

New Equipment: Corvette, a small boat that can be launched from a Galleon that can carry troops inland. The corvette can only be launched at an specific intervals, and a corvette upgrade is required.

Just a few suggestions, hehehe may be the title could be "Anito: The Opposing Force" :))


red_door8 said…
i heard about anito sometime ago
astig yung concept nito
may mga engkanto ba? hehe
Jared said…
Konti lang yung variety ng engkanto from the first release, sana yung next version mas massive.

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