Blogging in Singapore

I found Andy Ho's article quite disturbing, being a foreigner working here.

I haven't read Mr. Chua's blogs on his "alleged disdain for the minorities" in Singapore or I didn't even know the level of anger or hatred he had for the minorities. Yes, for now we can't hang him out to dry. But the question is, what if his whole viewpoint is actually that? What does the taxpaying "minorities" feel about him being sent to U.S. to study using their money and eventually work as "public servant" to "serve" them?

Good thing he has been reprimanded. But I would suggest a remedial course for him that he'll never learn from his entire scholarship period in the U.S., I'll have him study with "hands-on" in the Philippines on how to be a public servant in one of our islands called Basilan. I'll bet he will learn hard, fast and chastened. It's worth the taxpayer's money.


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