Hey! Weblogic is not a piece of crap

It's a humongous pile of shit! Every single day, every depths I explore on this application server, the stronger the stench gets. I am telling you guys, the further you go with this product, the further you lose control, the quicker you lose your freedom of choice on tools, frameworks and so forth meaning the higher your maintenance cost go up and the longer your development time goes too. Just simply deploying a .war file that uses a different web framework and a different rendering framework (other than JSP) will take a lot of work.

I guess the Weblogic people treats every developer with utmost stupidity, they assume that developers does not know or use MVC(all types) so they offered Workshop so a hapless developer will code his/her business logic directly to JSP and sooner you'll see a JSP code that is bloated and freakingly slow. So when this hapless developer becomes enlightened and want to switch to a better framework. Weblogic, is not ready for it. Hey, my world does not revolve around Weblogic, it MUST be the other way around.

In another thought, I would like to praise Sun Microsystems for the job well done on Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 2005 Q1 Release, great improvement from the past versions. Good use of open source tools, straightforward look and feel, does not require a JVM plugin for its web admin console. What's best every applications like .war, .ear, .jar can be seamlessly deployed to it's container. I would like to praise its Stand-Alone Container Architecture where it gives developer ability to execute stand-alone applications within the container, The LifeCycle Container is also a good place to deploy your non-EJB business objects, it's so useful to me because I AM NO EJB FAN. The downside is, they should really get rid of this JES product. It stinks like Weblogic.


Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree with you more. WebLogic's sales engineers (whatever that means) spit out the words "standards based" every 2 minutes in their presentations, but if you read the comments of the JCP board, you will see that even they are concerned that projects like beehive are taking too much of a proprietary approach. BEA is dumbing this down on purpose and creating a quicksand development environment - it is sooooo easy to get in that, once you have an enterprise app deployed, it is impossible to get out of their environment to maintain/debug/troubleshoot it. In fact, if you can't get it to scale or perform, I guess you just have to call in a BEA engineer (at $250/hr), if they remain in business long enough to support it, that is. The only thing they could have done to be more devious is to give away WebLogic workshop for free. If I adopt this stupid framework, I might as well fire everyone who isn't an entry level programmer, because I will be wasting their knowledge.
Anonymous said…
Perfectly said man !

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