Inversion of Control is 2004 Buzzword of the Year

Before the official closing of the Avalon Project, many has been checking its temperature on how long it can steam out some heat, apparently it has become too soon as Spring, PicoContainer and XWork's component-based "Aware" interfaces came into high view.

But do you know any commercial product that is using Avalon until now? Let me guess, and we might say it in chorus...Yes, Weblogic 8.1. And here are some of the comments the Weblogic fans out there might say:

1. Avalon isn't that bad - Well, if it's good then it's still up.

2. You don't understand things! - This is my favorite. People that will say things like this are self-declared geniuses that write codes based on a Netbeans-generated code stubs.

3. I can't believe I am reading this - Most likely, these types has shelled out lots of money on Weblogic and currently fixing things or bracing themselves what Weblogic is cooking up that will really fuck up their applications.

4. I don't care - Most likely, these types has shelled out taxpayers' money to fix things. But when Economic Crisis rears its ugly head, it will become "Why didn't I think of this before?"

Too bad most decision makers are surrounded by witches and jesters dressed in corporate attires preaching commercial bundled software packages(particularly, American made) in the name of "accountability" and feeding themselves on such ignorance.

Good thing is, Spring is creeping its way here in Singapore, eventually Mule will make a crushing thunder in the shorelines(because this year's buzzword is SOA). AND! Even if I am really itching I still want to hold the urge to scratch, is the Space-Oriented or Space-Based Architecture. It's not yet widely "Googleable". But if Sun will really give up JCP to be an open expert group and out of vendor's interests and internal politics. Jini/JavaSpaces will flourish faster, JDO will render EJB a thing of the stupid past. And J2EE? What for? When you have spaces?


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